Automate invoice imports into Xero

No more manual entries! Simplify your bookkeeping
by automating file imports into Xero.

Email your files and our system will automatically import them into your Xero organization for you, without any human intervention. We’ll even apply any custom rules you want.

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Simplify bookkeeping

EntryRocket imports Invoices, Bills, Bank Transactions, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Manual Journals, Payments and Credit Notes from email. Any custom attributes and rules can be set with EntryRocket's customization engine — including things like credit card fees, affiliate commissions...

Reliable & Custom Xero Imports

Reliable and fully customizable Xero automation

EntryRocket adapts to you, not the other way around. We customize our software and tailor it, so it fits your needs. Endless customization possibilities make EntryRocket perfect for on-going data imports and make it a reliable business companion — saving your valuable time.

Import transactions into Xero

Seamlessly integrates into your workflow

EntryRocket's smart configuration engine makes it easy to integrate into any workflow and system out there. As long as your system can export data, EntryRocket can import it into Xero!

Automated Xero data entry

Import data to Xero as easy as sending an email

No need to look at your raw data ever again. Simply forward your data to EntryRocket via email and our system will take care of the rest. No more hours of manual data entry and getting stuck in the inbox.

Say goodbye to manual entry

Say goodbye to manual invoice entry

Remove any risk of making manual errors in your documents and seamlessly import verified data into Xero. No need to enter or format data into any predefined template. All rules will be custom developed to accompany the needs of your bookkeeping. If your system changes EntryRocket will adapt to those changes as well.

Import xls, csv, pdf to Xero

Send your data in any file format

It doesn’t matter what file format you send. EntryRocket can process it as long as it's machine-readable. The list of supported file formats includes CSV, TXT, Excel, IIF, XML, JSON, YAML, PDF and some rare text-based files.

Save on Xero bookkeeping automation

Save your precious time

If you spend even 30 minutes per week importing data into Xero, then EntryRocket is a perfect solution for you. By automating this dull and annoying process, you'll save time and eliminate inevitable human errors.

Outstanding integration of any system with Xero

Yes! We can provide reliable integration of any system with Xero as long as you can export data from that system into any computer readable file. It doesn't matter if it's an old legacy system or some cool cloud-based app that doesn't connect to Xero. We can generate documents out of data from the system you're using into Xero with pinpoint accuracy... exactly how you want it!

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How it works

EntryRocket seamlessly integrates into your everyday process. All you have to do is to email file(s) to the dedicated email address, and the system will take care of everything.

Send your file to EntryRocket

You send your files to the dedicated email address, which is an exclusive email address dedicated to your company.


Process received files

Using document parser built just for your data and their specific formatting. EntryRocket applies all the custom rules and processes the files.

Create documents in Xero

Once processed, the documents are imported into your Xero organization. EntryRocket can create Invoices, Bills, Manual Journals, Bank Transactions...


Send email report to you

For each file, EntryRocket sends a report email with details about that file and any messages we receive from Xero.

Not sure if EntryRocket is the right solution?

Let us know how you import data into Xero now, and we will quickly let you know if we can automate that for you.

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Still not sure? Don't take our word for it.

Read comments from our existing customers and see for yourself how valuable EntryRocket really is.

All we do is email our quotes to the dedicated email address, and they pop up in Xero Draft invoices for us to approve. EntryRocket saves us up to 10 minutes of re-entering the same info from our quotes into Xero. I haven't encountered such amazing service and speedy responses. Outstanding, thank you!

Chris Ashton (Konstruct)

Chris Ashton
Konstruct, New Zealand

Sometimes life throws you curve balls: team members move on that normally look after data entry into Xero, the data change shape and format just as you thought you had it sorted, no one understands how your business works and how you want your revenue reflected in Xero.... And then the EntryRocket team works tirelessly with you till your data looks like you want it to look. Hours of manual work on a weekly basis is done in seconds!! Thank you so much to the EntryRocket Team.

Irma Bantjes (Stratus Financial Group)

Irma Bantjes
Stratus Financial Group, Australia

Our process before EntryRocket was manual and very time-consuming, averaging about 10-12 working hours to get the job done – week in, week out. After a couple of emails, some test files and a bit of tweaking we were all set to use EntryRocket. The whole process now takes us less than 10 minutes.

Peter Samuel (Forward Trucking Services)

Peter Samuel
Forward Trucking Services, United Kingdom

If you manually enter a large amount of data that previously existed anywhere in electronic form into Xero, you've come to the right place. To liquidate manual entries, all you have to do is to output source data in any format and send it to EntryRocket. EntryRocket will put this data into Xero in the appropriate place.

We would highly recommend EntryRocket to anyone who needs to eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive manual data input.

Alexander Levitin (PixelMags)

Alexander Levitin
PixelMags, United States

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EntryRocket is designed to help you use your time in a more productive manner. Built with speed and simplicity in mind, EntryRocket automates the dull process of importing invoices into Xero. Best of all? We can get you started in a few hours.

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