Is EntryRocket right for you?

Need to import your invoices, bills, journals, quotes, bank transactions or payments into Xero but you’re still not sure if EntryRocket would be a good solution for you? Ask yourself these questions below, and if your answer to any of these is Yes, EntryRocket will fit you perfectly.

Do you manually enter data into Xero?

If you are repeatedly copying & pasting data into Xero, just stop! That’s time consuming, error prone, not to mention extremly boring. We'll take your files and make them magically appear in your Xero, with 100% accuracy.

Does your current or legacy system export files that are not supported by Xero?

If your system exports files Xero doesn’t accept, like CSVs, Excel spreadsheets, TXT files or something else, we will take that file, convert it into something Xero understands and save it into Xero on your behalf.

Does your system export files that you can’t import into Xero without changes?

If your system exports files which you have to modify before you can even import them, we can automatically do this for you. We can map columns exactly as you want, merge or split column values, split one row into multiple rows... you name it.

Do you have to manipulate data before importing into Xero?

If you have needs to change data before importing into Xero, EntryRocket is perfect solution. We can apply all kinds of custom calculations, adding/deducting fees, applying special commissions, on-the-fly and save you precious time!

You can’t find application that fits your requirements 100%?

The beauty of EntryRocket is that we fit our system to your files and requirements; not the other way around. We can probably implement all your requirements, no matter how crazy they are.

Still not convinced?

If these questions didn’t help you to decide whether EntryRocket is right right solution for your problem, feel free to drop us an email or initiate live chat in lower right corner of this page.

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