How it works?

Step by step workflow on how EntryRocket simplifies process of importing your files into Xero. Learn how easy it is to actually import files with EntryRocket. In case you have any additional question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The problem

Let's say you have file(s) from some kind of legacy system or system that does not connect to Xero, and you want to use all the advantages Xero platform has to offer. As you probably already know, you can import your files into Xero as long as you upload them exactly in a format that Xero requires. There is a big chance that your file is formatted differently than what Xero is expecting. This means you have to manipulate your files each time you want to import them, which probably takes a lot of your time, especially if you have big files or a lot of files you want to import.

If, by any chance, you have a file in a format that Xero doesn’t understand, like XML, TXT, custom formatted CSV or Excel file (Xero can import only CSV files with columns named and ordered exactly as Xero expects), changes you have to make are much much bigger and even more time consuming. Chances are you have to manually copy & paste data from your file into predefined template which Xero made.

All this is very time consuming, boring and, most important, it's very much prone to errors. And if you introduce a small error here, it may be weeks or months before anyone notices something is off, and at that point it is almost impossible to track down the original source of error and the amount of time spent on such detective work is just staggering.

How can EntryRocket help me?

Our fully customized system will solve any problem you may have with importing any file(s) in Xero. In 5 simple steps we will speed up your workflow and import documents in any way you want.


Setup process

During our initial free consultation, we strive to fully understand how you need your files imported into Xero and then we proceed with our setup process where we’ll create a small custom program (what we call a parser) specially for your files. This program is fully tailored to your file format and it won't be used by anybody else, but you. It means that we have freedom to create a program in such a way to meet all your requirements.

This custom program will read your file and transform its format, adjust and/or aggregate data in it based on your requirements*, however you wish, and save the resulting data in your Xero file (as invoices, bills, purchase orders, bank transactions, manual journals, payments... etc.) on your behalf.

Before we start, we’ll ask you for samples of files which you need to import into Xero, based on which we will create our custom program.


Send file

After setup process is finished, all you (as a client) have to do is to send email with file(s) as attachments to your dedicated email address we assign to you during our setup process. You can send one or more files per email.


File processing

Once we receive email with files from you, EntryRocket will process them using custom program (parser) we made especially for your files during our setup process. In this step we will apply all the custom rules you requested in setup process.


Save documents in Xero

Once file is processed and the data formatted for Xero, we are saving documents in Xero on your behalf. We are saving one by one document and closely monitor all the responses we are receiving from Xero. That way we will be able to show you in detail if something went wrong.


Send import report

When file is processed and saved to Xero our system will email a report to sender and account owner. Email report is sent for each file processed. In case there were some problems with importing your files into Xero, we’ll show them at the beginning of email report for each file.

* We can implement any kind of custom rules your business may require: map columns exactly as you want, merge or split column values, split one row into multiple rows, merge multiple rows into one, apply any kind of custom calculations (like adding/deducting fees, extracting commissions into separate line items)... etc.

All these things you now have to do manually, we can fully automate for you saving you a lot time with 100% accuracy, which in terms saves you even more time down the road as there won’t be any errors to track down later on.

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